Monday, July 13, 2009

See ya later Colorado!!!

So as you all know last June we picked our whole family up and moved to Colorado. We felt it was a calling for us that we really didn't understand but we followed it and off we went! Our family both as a whole and individually has learned so much in the last year being in Colorado and really away from so many of our loved ones! We made the decision to move back to Washington in April and things moved pretty quickly once we knew we had finished our purpose there and it was time to leave.

A family picture before we started the big trip. My little sister Tori came with us her and I drove in the Honda and Sam and Nathan drove in the big U Haul that was also towing a trailer with the jeep on it. We left on Nathans birthday Sunday June 21st and arrived in Washington on Tuesday June 23rd.
Nathan on the phone with Grandpa....he is giving him birthday wishes!!!

my view for most of the way! It was much better once we were out of Wyoming cause at least beauty surrounded the truck!

U Haul should use this as their new marketing ad!