Thursday, May 29, 2008

Little MT SI

So one of the things that Sam just had to do before we moved is hike Mt SI. OK so the thought of this has always perked my fear and curiosity evenly. My curiosity because I am sure that it would be beautiful and breathtaking and well worth the time and energy. My fear because I am sure I would die of exhaustion before reaching the top! The day we woke up to brave the mountain was an ugly day we drug our feet for awhile and Sam pouted his very best pout and then we settled on the fact that MT SI was not going to happen since it is an ALL DAY hike literally 8 to 10 hours. We compromised for Little Mt SI a 4 hour hike, we got there and I put my hiking boots on by the way hmmmmm now they are too small it appears that my feet have grown RUBBISH! The hike was really amazing but let me tell kicked my butt!!!!! All I know is that MT SI knew that I was not ready for it I am sure I would have died! However Nathan is a trooper and did an amazing job setting the pace the whole way!!!! We also went with Daniel and Heather so we had great company with us!

"Let me check my schedule"

So if you are ever feeling like life is just a little boring and your calendar is not full enough I would say that the golden ticket is pick up your whole family and move to another state! We have been so crazy this last month you would actually think that we are popular! Now I know that is certainly not the case it is merely a matter of cramming all social gatherings with everyone you know like and love in a matter of a few short weeks! Needless to say if I posted out my itinerary you would laugh and I am sure I have offended a few people when they ask me to get together with them and I say "let me check my schedule" I know they are thinking.......geez who does she think she is! One thing though is that it has been the best remedy for killing the anticipation and worries of the up and coming move!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Child Etiquette

SO I am pretty sure that there should be a child etiquette class mandatory for all people to take. Really this is something for people that maybe don't have small children or forgot what it was like. You know you are trying to instill to your child not to talk to strangers all the while every grocery trip and outing those very same strangers are talking to them about how cute they are and how old they are. Never mind the parent sitting right beside the child it seems to those strangers that it would be a good idea to take up a conversation anyhow???? Really the reason why I have decided to write about this is the balloon experiences we have had. You know you go to Red Robins and that stupid bird is prancing around the tables handing out balloons never mind that either the meal has not arrived yet or we are right in the middle of it and what do they do they ask the child "would you like a balloon little boy?" WHAT CHILD WOULD SAY NO TO THIS QUESTION!!!!! Did it ever occur to them that it would be more respectful to either ask the parent or I KNOW better yet wait at the exit door and hand out balloons to the little kids that ate there food! No it is much better for us parents to be the bad guys and say no so we can ruin their whole world or deal with the balloon until it flies away and then their whole world is ruined or better yet hope that we do not get in an accident because the balloon is blocking our vision while we drive. Really you must be thinking man she feels passionate about this and all I can say is:

  • Trip to Albertsons to get some groceries $50.00

  • Bagger lady thinking it would be a great idea to give my child a gigantic balloon in espanol for free without asking me $0.00

  • My child getting in the car and smiling saying "I know you don't like balloons in your car mommy" $PRICELESS

Mothers day

♥Mothers day. Today my father in law gave this card to me and I wanted to share it maybe this will bless someone else's life as it did mine

The role of motherhood is a sacred one, given by our father to each woman before the foundations of the world. By being born into this world as a woman, you are part of this. Being a mom starts from your very core, it is about nurturing, loving, protecting, teaching,comforting. Mom's have the ability to see through walls hear from great distances, heal both emotional and physical wounds, be judge and jury, understand why cake rises, candles burn, the sky is blue and where babies really come from. Being a mom is more than growing a baby in your tummy though, the scientist can do that in the lab now.It is about pain vs joy. Sadness vs. happiness. Cold vs. warmth. Fear vs. understanding. It is the great example of how you can be a heavenly mother.

He went on in the card to say many more beautiful things as did many members of my family. My brother in laws girlfriend Heather sent me a beautiful text message. Sometimes I really feel like God knows just when we need reassurance the most. For me that was today.

I have really struggled this year after I miscarried. I was originally told my due date was May 5th and then later told that it would be more around the 20th of April. So I guess the last few weeks have been especially hard on me. I know that everything happens for a reason and that if it wasn't for the little one that we lost they wouldn't have detected the pre-cancer cells. I have been in an uphill battle ever since I have to have another biopsy this week and my biggest fear is not of cancer but it is that I will never have the opportunity again to be pregnant and bring a child into this world that will look like Sam and I. The thought of this is too much to bear. I know that this is part of my journey and that no matter what I will be OK. I am thankful to my father in heaven for blessing me with my step son Nathan I only wish him to know with every bit of him that I love him as if he was my own. I was raised by a step parent and I will strive every day that Nathan never feels like he doesn't belong. I am also thankful to his mom Angel we have had a rough road and even though she thanks me for being a mom to Nathan I can only thank her for letting me love him.

The last thing I was blessed with today no one may understand. We were at dinner tonight Sam Nathan Angel Jason and I, I went to the bathroom and as I walked in a woman asked me if I could do her a favor. She asked me if I could hold her baby so she could wash her hands I of course gladly helped but in those few moments I am sure that woman could not have known of how she blessed my life in allowing me to help her she in turn helped me. Maybe that is why I have the courage to write this tonight. Somehow I feel very calm and just know that everything will be taken care of.♥


After much consideration but also allot of inspiration my family and I have decided to move to Colorado. I am originally from Colorado I moved up here when I was 14 years old with my family. My parents divorced when I was 18 and they all moved back to Colorado. I stayed here in Seattle and have loved living here it is such a beautiful state especially when the sun is out! We are really excited for the change Colorado is so different from Washington! I am also really excited to be so close to my family especially my brother and sister I am so fortunate that over the years we have remained so close despite the distance! I just know that this move is going to bring so many new experiences challenges and blessings! We leave the first week of June! WE CAN'T WAIT!!!

Super cross!

A few weeks back our great friends Lisa and Adam came to the Seattle with their boys Cody and Cole and we all got together and went to a dirt bike racing event called super cross! It was so much fun and the weather was really great that day! Now all Nathan can talk about is Chad Reed and how he is Cody's favorite racer! Adam and Lisa bought Nathan this motocross shirt and I am pretty sure that Nathan would wear it everywhere if I would let him!

I swear I have no idea where he gets this stuff from!!!!

So it has been awhile since I have blogged last. Mainly because things have been so crazy! So today will be my attempt to catch up on the latest in our craziness! Trust me I am realizing that I could just dedicate this blog to Nathan alone and just write about all the funny things that he does. The latest and greatest I will now try to recap.

Nathan and I are at Joanne fabrics and Nathan is just telling tall tale after tall tale because apparently that is what 4 year olds do at least mine. Anyways this story is about how he and his dad were in a race I believe it was the piston cup hmmmm maybe he has watched the movie cars one to many times??? Anyways he goes on to say how him and his dad won the race but their trophy has gotten very rusty and all the gold fell off so he decided that he would sell this trophy. Anyways at the end of this he has managed to make all the ladies behind the counter fall in love with him all the while they are completely forgetting to cut my fabric! As we are finally done and walking away the woman says "bye Nathan" Nathan then turns to her points his finger like a gun kind of like the motion that would be accompanied by the cheesiest of pick up lines and he says so matter of fact "Nathan, last name genius" Kind of like James last name bond and said just as serious! I later ask him to repeat what he said as I usually do because I just can't believe the stuff that is coming out of his mouth. He repeats it just the same and I ask him why he said that he looks at me and says "because mom I am a genius"

On a different day I am just getting out of the shower and I come into my room where Sam and Nathan are and he looks at me and says "Hey mom, your boob rack is on the floor" I looked at him like a chicken looking at a card trick and he repeats himself so I ask him what is a boob rack just to make sure we are on the same page then he points to my bra! Great yet another reference that I have no clue where he picked up from!