Monday, May 12, 2008

I swear I have no idea where he gets this stuff from!!!!

So it has been awhile since I have blogged last. Mainly because things have been so crazy! So today will be my attempt to catch up on the latest in our craziness! Trust me I am realizing that I could just dedicate this blog to Nathan alone and just write about all the funny things that he does. The latest and greatest I will now try to recap.

Nathan and I are at Joanne fabrics and Nathan is just telling tall tale after tall tale because apparently that is what 4 year olds do at least mine. Anyways this story is about how he and his dad were in a race I believe it was the piston cup hmmmm maybe he has watched the movie cars one to many times??? Anyways he goes on to say how him and his dad won the race but their trophy has gotten very rusty and all the gold fell off so he decided that he would sell this trophy. Anyways at the end of this he has managed to make all the ladies behind the counter fall in love with him all the while they are completely forgetting to cut my fabric! As we are finally done and walking away the woman says "bye Nathan" Nathan then turns to her points his finger like a gun kind of like the motion that would be accompanied by the cheesiest of pick up lines and he says so matter of fact "Nathan, last name genius" Kind of like James last name bond and said just as serious! I later ask him to repeat what he said as I usually do because I just can't believe the stuff that is coming out of his mouth. He repeats it just the same and I ask him why he said that he looks at me and says "because mom I am a genius"

On a different day I am just getting out of the shower and I come into my room where Sam and Nathan are and he looks at me and says "Hey mom, your boob rack is on the floor" I looked at him like a chicken looking at a card trick and he repeats himself so I ask him what is a boob rack just to make sure we are on the same page then he points to my bra! Great yet another reference that I have no clue where he picked up from!