Thursday, May 29, 2008

Little MT SI

So one of the things that Sam just had to do before we moved is hike Mt SI. OK so the thought of this has always perked my fear and curiosity evenly. My curiosity because I am sure that it would be beautiful and breathtaking and well worth the time and energy. My fear because I am sure I would die of exhaustion before reaching the top! The day we woke up to brave the mountain was an ugly day we drug our feet for awhile and Sam pouted his very best pout and then we settled on the fact that MT SI was not going to happen since it is an ALL DAY hike literally 8 to 10 hours. We compromised for Little Mt SI a 4 hour hike, we got there and I put my hiking boots on by the way hmmmmm now they are too small it appears that my feet have grown RUBBISH! The hike was really amazing but let me tell kicked my butt!!!!! All I know is that MT SI knew that I was not ready for it I am sure I would have died! However Nathan is a trooper and did an amazing job setting the pace the whole way!!!! We also went with Daniel and Heather so we had great company with us!