Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Mount SI

As a family outing we invited Sam's brother and 2 of his sisters out along with my sis to hike little Si. It was about 85 degrees that day which is way to hot for a hike! We had allot of fun although we didn't finish as a group since some of us were way faster than others (; The view was spectacular and no small reward.

oldies but goodies

One of my very best friends Jamie was in visiting the states. She lives in Switzerland and has not been back to visit since I was married in 2006. We were able to get together a couple of times while she was here....I don't know why we didn't get a bunch of pictures together I guess we were having to much fun catching up! I took my little sis and my son over to her moms house on Lake Morton and we had a lazy day at the lake and we also got together wit another of my very best friends Cassie. We had a nice lunch together and even better conversation! I am so glad to be back in Washington but I really wish everyone that I loved lived close.

Good friendships are so hard to find and I feel so blessed that I have such strong friendships that have persevered so many years!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 4th of July

I am finally starting to catch up on all of my posts! This is exciting for me cause I feel like I have been behind more often than not......oh well we do what we can!

For the 4th this year all I really wanted was to see a spectacular firework show! We were extended many invitations but we ended up going with Bob and Lorna to the Chase family fun at Gas Works park. We caught a metro to downtown which is interesting on a dull day so you could just imagine.....we got a really great spot at the park and hung for hours waiting for it to get dark. We had allot of time on our hands so I took some pics of course! The firework show was awesome! The best that I have seen yet! The best part was catching a bus home and getting home at 2 am exhausted!!! We may rethink the whole bus thing next year! But the show was definitely worth it all!

See ya later Colorado!!!

So as you all know last June we picked our whole family up and moved to Colorado. We felt it was a calling for us that we really didn't understand but we followed it and off we went! Our family both as a whole and individually has learned so much in the last year being in Colorado and really away from so many of our loved ones! We made the decision to move back to Washington in April and things moved pretty quickly once we knew we had finished our purpose there and it was time to leave.

A family picture before we started the big trip. My little sister Tori came with us her and I drove in the Honda and Sam and Nathan drove in the big U Haul that was also towing a trailer with the jeep on it. We left on Nathans birthday Sunday June 21st and arrived in Washington on Tuesday June 23rd.
Nathan on the phone with Grandpa....he is giving him birthday wishes!!!

my view for most of the way! It was much better once we were out of Wyoming cause at least beauty surrounded the truck!

U Haul should use this as their new marketing ad!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

6 years old!

Before the big move we stayed the night at my Dad and D's house and they celebrated Nathans 6 year old birthday with a nummy ice cream cake and some presents! It was the day before his actual birthday but it was really nice cause we were gonna be on the road the whole next day which wouldn't leave to much time for birthday celebration): Nathan had a blast and loved the cake and presents OF COURSE!!!!

Summer Fun!

Nathan and Logan having some fun before we left! We miss Logan and his family already!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fun with daddy

So while we were staying at my dads house and we were out in the country where life is so slow and quiet Sam decided that he wanted to let Nathan take a spin in his jeep! Nathan loved it and has been craving driving ever since! SCARY!!! hahaha!!!!

A wish come true!

Ever since we moved to Colorado Nathan has been saying that he wants to ride a horse. I always hoped that we would be able to find a way for him to do that but was not sure that it would happen! One day while we were in transition for the big move we all went for a run around this mile loop at my dads house. We came across this young girl with her pony and Nathan asked to if he could pet the pony. She was so nice and offered him a ride the next day Nathan was so excited and talked about it the whole next day! We had to wait till the evening when the girl got home. We all went over there as a family and witnessed one of Nathans wishes get checked of his list!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Haircut daddy style

No he didnt keep the mohawk! Mom is a party pooper!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last day of Kindergarten

Nathans LAST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!!!! Where has the time gone!!! I can not believe that we are already at the end of the year and he will be in full time school next year! It seems like yesterday that we were potty training! Kids grow up so fast I have had so much joy with the amount of work that I have been able to put into Nathans kindergarten year with all the volunteering and party planning it has been a great year! I took pictures for Nathans scrap book and the kids were so excited to jump in the pictures it was very cute!