Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This year Nathan was Batman for Halloween we went to the nice neighborhoods and hunted for the houses that were actually participating in the Halloween tradition which proved to be a hunt all by itself! By the end of the night we had plenty of sweets to rot all of our teeth and we paid a visit to my mom and her doggie before we turned in for the night!

Fall party

I decided to in list my services at Nathans school for the party committee. The first party on the agenda was the fall party. Known to us as kids as the Halloween party, but unfortunately with times and all the change and forward thinking the politically correct term is now "fall party" This made me very sad because with the name also went the fun part of dressing up in your Halloween costume to school! ) : We were very limited on what was allowed at the fall party but I believe I made the most of it in the planning and bended the rules where I could get away with it! I worked with one other parent in the planning of the party we planned a circuit of games and a craft activity followed by lots of yummy goodies to eat and a party bag of loot to take home! At the end of the day I was completely exhausted but the smile on Nathans face made all of my effort and exhaustion worth every second I spent! It left me excited for the next party because I could see how much it meant to Nathan!

Playing in the leaves

This is what I like to call "A good day" We went outside and it was a beautiful crisp fall day. We looked outside of our house and saw all of the leaves that had fallen on the ground and I remembered one of my favorite things to do as a kid! Nathan and I ran outside and in listed Daddy as our official leave raker and I took the job as photographer. We gathered the biggest pile of leaves that we could gather and counted off for Nathan to take his first plunge! This continued for a couple of hours until we were all thoroughly laughed out and worn out!

Running Sharks

Nathans first adventure in Kindergarten was to join a cross country running club. The club was called Running sharks. We had practice three times a week early in the morning before school started. Although Nathan was in pm Kindergarten we still would get up super early and go to practice that proved to be the most challenging part, getting Nathan out of bed and dragging him to school. But once he was there he was unstoppable! He was the only kindergartner that joined running sharks that year so he was somewhat of the "pet" all the big kids loved him they thought he was so cool and his coach said he was so tenacious!!! HAHAHA as if we didn't already know that! After a few weeks of practice they had their meets once a week for four weeks. Nathan did great he advanced his time running a half a mile each time! We were so proud of him and he really enjoyed himself and it gave him a place to put all that energy into!!!