Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Running Sharks

Nathans first adventure in Kindergarten was to join a cross country running club. The club was called Running sharks. We had practice three times a week early in the morning before school started. Although Nathan was in pm Kindergarten we still would get up super early and go to practice that proved to be the most challenging part, getting Nathan out of bed and dragging him to school. But once he was there he was unstoppable! He was the only kindergartner that joined running sharks that year so he was somewhat of the "pet" all the big kids loved him they thought he was so cool and his coach said he was so tenacious!!! HAHAHA as if we didn't already know that! After a few weeks of practice they had their meets once a week for four weeks. Nathan did great he advanced his time running a half a mile each time! We were so proud of him and he really enjoyed himself and it gave him a place to put all that energy into!!!