Monday, July 21, 2008

So I am kind of a vampire!!!!!

One of the hardest thing for me to overcome when we first got here is the imminent approach of the sunshine in the morning! It is like an alarm clock! Now I know that it is certainly made more intense by the fact that we have two sunroofs above our beds but still we saw this type of sun in Seattle roughly two weeks out of the year! So I was prepared I invested in one of those ridiculous eye masks so that the sun would not win and sleep would prevail!!!! So Nathaniel came in the first week we lived in our new home and he would say "I love your room mommy those windows above your bed are so cool!" quickly followed by "Your eye mask is so cool I want one when I grow up!" So one of the days that we were setting up the house Nathan said he was tired and he was going to take a nap. (don't you just love when your kids actually volunteer for nap time! Music to my ears!) So after about an hour I went upstairs and looked in his room he wasn't there! Then I looked in my room and there he was but wait what was that on his face! I nearly died he had my sleep mask on and he was out! After nap time he came downstairs all smiles and told me that my sleep mask was awesome!

Quick look at seven falls

We entered into this amazing location called seven falls where there is said to be spectacular views of waterfalls after some challenging hikes. It was a little too late in the day for us to do the hikes so we could see the views so we just drove around and looked at all the beautiful scenery! We can't wait to get back to this place and really see what it has to offer!

Scenic Drive

After all the unpacking we needed a break and a day outside of the house so we decided to explore the new city that we live in! It was a great day with lots of new sights and uncharted territory! My favorite part of the day is when I captured the pictures of these amazing deer that was just hanging out on the side of the road!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Move in day!

Let me preface this by saying we will be dishing out some dough for professional movers to lug our stuff around next time! On this move we had no time to think like that and a very short amount of time 1 day to unload our 18 foot truck that was packed to the max! Let me tell you I lost 5 ponds on that day alone! We definitely missed Sam's two strong brothers Michael and Daniel my family mom bro and sis well.....bless their hearts it was better with them then without them.......I am just glad no one got hurt!

Puke marks the spot!

On the third day of house hunting just when we think that we may have to just "settle" because any more we may gouge each others eyes out we arrive at a condo development that looks very nice but out of our price range.....We decide to call and give it a shot to our amazement the price is great and the management gives us the code to get in the house so we don't even have to wait for an agent YEAH! As we open the door Sam and I both let out a sigh of relief it is nice! As we are downstairs looking in the kitchen Nathan turns to me and says "mommy my tummy hurts" and then BLAH pukes all over the floor! The next door neighbor graciously gave us some supplies to clean up the mess but we knew we had found our home I mean when your kid pukes all over the place it is like there seal of approval!

You know your in the ghetto when......

So we got to Colorado in a blink of an eye and we spent the night at my dads house it was nice but the next day we promptly made our exit and headed to Colorado Springs for what I would describe the following three days to be madness mayhem and never to be repeated again! What I am referring to is our house hunt....we so badly wanted and NEEDED our own place of residence we no longer wanted to be at anyone elses disposal. We were warned that the south end of Colorado Springs was rough and to stay away but of course we did not listen because we lived in Auburn so really how bad could it be?! Well let me tell you.......I took some pics and have named them as follows

1. Men hard at work
2 & 3. What you do not want your neighbors front yard to look like
4. This is the park you definitely do not want your kids to play at