Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You know your in the ghetto when......

So we got to Colorado in a blink of an eye and we spent the night at my dads house it was nice but the next day we promptly made our exit and headed to Colorado Springs for what I would describe the following three days to be madness mayhem and never to be repeated again! What I am referring to is our house hunt....we so badly wanted and NEEDED our own place of residence we no longer wanted to be at anyone elses disposal. We were warned that the south end of Colorado Springs was rough and to stay away but of course we did not listen because we lived in Auburn so really how bad could it be?! Well let me tell you.......I took some pics and have named them as follows

1. Men hard at work
2 & 3. What you do not want your neighbors front yard to look like
4. This is the park you definitely do not want your kids to play at