Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Christmas 2008

OK so I am still sadly enough trying to find the time and energy to completely update this blog and with a ray of hope maybe just keep it up to date after that! (here's to wishful thinking)

So Christmas Eve was my birthday I rang the year in with the usual flair.......dinner and a movie it is our tradition! We went and saw 7 pounds which wasn't the most happy flick for the day but it was good and provoking! Then we went to Olive Garden......yummy!

Once we got home from that event........birthday over! ): Bring out the apron! In order to preserve some sense of normalcy for my husband and son I offered my whole family to my house on Christmas day. So my parents who are divorced and the new families they have extended us to.......crazy I know! I have never even made a Christmas dinner before! But I was up to the challenge anything to be in the comfort of my own home in my jammies hahaha! So I made sweet potatoes mashed potatoes gravy vegetables and ambrosia salad home made apple pie and a cornish dane hen stuffed and all for each guest! Dad brought ham........The food was a hit and I felt accomplished! It was a great day when all was said and done and I was glad I was crazy enough to pull it off!

brother and sisters and mom

Cody and Nathan playing

Sam and Cody

My little brother and I

Nathan is such a ham!

The Christmas hulk!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Christmas party!

Nathan had his kindergarden christmas party right before his Christmas break. They had so much fun with the games and decorating sugar cookies!

The boys

Me and my lil "boogie"

Christmas Cards

I have started a tradition that every year we take an informal Christmas pic at home and get those cute Christmas cards that you can just insert the picture into. So kinda bummed cause I can not find the 2006 Christmas card picture on my computer so I can only post 2007 and 2008. This years was pretty interesting cause we didnt know anyone so i had to set the camera up JUST RIGHT and put the automatic timer on......then we would have 15 seconds to scramble into position and say cheese! Needless to say it took awhile to get the right one!



The Survivor Series

So my little brother Cody who is one of my favorite people on this planet is in wrestling this year for his high school. He is 17 and is a junior and very athletic. One of the best parts of living in Colorado is having the opportunity to go to sporting events and not have to miss out on these experiences. So now that it is wrestling season I drag my family to watch all the tournaments which usually last all day long and u sit on bleachers all day so you are so sore and tired the next day but it is soooo worth it!!! This weekend we went to a two day tournament called the survivor series and my brother won first place! I was so proud..........I cried! For first place he won a belt which was so cool!


The weekend after Thanksgiving we went to my dads house down past Denver and had a family dinner and spent the weekend there. On the way home on Sunday the weather took a sudden turn and an hour and a half drive turned into a 4 hour drive home! It was so crazy! Nathan got really excited at the prospect of going sledding but of course the next day the sun was out and the snow melted away just as quick as it fell down!

This weather has been so crazy! Who would have thought that Seattle would be getting more snowfall than Colorado!

Thanksgiving day

The holidays were very weird for us this year! You could say they just snuck up on us and that would be an understatement! My camera started to die of old age around this time so I dont have a whole lot of pics to show! On the actual day of Thanksgiving Sam Nathan and I went and saw the movie Bolt and then threw a quick little dinner together at home. Not at all what we are used to but it was a great night for us!