Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Christmas 2008

OK so I am still sadly enough trying to find the time and energy to completely update this blog and with a ray of hope maybe just keep it up to date after that! (here's to wishful thinking)

So Christmas Eve was my birthday I rang the year in with the usual flair.......dinner and a movie it is our tradition! We went and saw 7 pounds which wasn't the most happy flick for the day but it was good and provoking! Then we went to Olive Garden......yummy!

Once we got home from that event........birthday over! ): Bring out the apron! In order to preserve some sense of normalcy for my husband and son I offered my whole family to my house on Christmas day. So my parents who are divorced and the new families they have extended us to.......crazy I know! I have never even made a Christmas dinner before! But I was up to the challenge anything to be in the comfort of my own home in my jammies hahaha! So I made sweet potatoes mashed potatoes gravy vegetables and ambrosia salad home made apple pie and a cornish dane hen stuffed and all for each guest! Dad brought ham........The food was a hit and I felt accomplished! It was a great day when all was said and done and I was glad I was crazy enough to pull it off!

brother and sisters and mom

Cody and Nathan playing

Sam and Cody

My little brother and I

Nathan is such a ham!

The Christmas hulk!


Ari Anna Johnson said...

better late than never, I loved seeing some fun shots of you guys.