Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 4th of July

I am finally starting to catch up on all of my posts! This is exciting for me cause I feel like I have been behind more often than not......oh well we do what we can!

For the 4th this year all I really wanted was to see a spectacular firework show! We were extended many invitations but we ended up going with Bob and Lorna to the Chase family fun at Gas Works park. We caught a metro to downtown which is interesting on a dull day so you could just imagine.....we got a really great spot at the park and hung for hours waiting for it to get dark. We had allot of time on our hands so I took some pics of course! The firework show was awesome! The best that I have seen yet! The best part was catching a bus home and getting home at 2 am exhausted!!! We may rethink the whole bus thing next year! But the show was definitely worth it all!


Ari Anna Johnson said...

You guys sure are a great looking family!