Wednesday, July 1, 2009

End of the year trip to the zoo!

Here it is the big field trip of the year and yes I was crazy enough to volunteer as a group leader! And lucky me I got the largest group! It was soooo much fun though! Nathan was sooooo excited that I was coming and couldn't wait for me to sit on the buss with him! I couldn't help and think about how I should really cherish that cause soon enough the idea of me coming on a field trip with his whole class let alone sitting on the bus together will be enough to make him want to disappear all together from embarrassment!!! This zoo was so much fun and unique it was nestled on the side of a mountain so the terrain was a workout by itself! My favorite part was that you could feed the giraffes! I have never seen this before it was too cool! You could spend a dollar and get 5 big crackers they looked like giant Trix crackers. I bought a bunch for my group and they had a blast! It was a really great day!


Ari Anna Johnson said...

I was so happy to see an update! Zoo days are always so much fun! Great to check in with you