Monday, May 12, 2008

Child Etiquette

SO I am pretty sure that there should be a child etiquette class mandatory for all people to take. Really this is something for people that maybe don't have small children or forgot what it was like. You know you are trying to instill to your child not to talk to strangers all the while every grocery trip and outing those very same strangers are talking to them about how cute they are and how old they are. Never mind the parent sitting right beside the child it seems to those strangers that it would be a good idea to take up a conversation anyhow???? Really the reason why I have decided to write about this is the balloon experiences we have had. You know you go to Red Robins and that stupid bird is prancing around the tables handing out balloons never mind that either the meal has not arrived yet or we are right in the middle of it and what do they do they ask the child "would you like a balloon little boy?" WHAT CHILD WOULD SAY NO TO THIS QUESTION!!!!! Did it ever occur to them that it would be more respectful to either ask the parent or I KNOW better yet wait at the exit door and hand out balloons to the little kids that ate there food! No it is much better for us parents to be the bad guys and say no so we can ruin their whole world or deal with the balloon until it flies away and then their whole world is ruined or better yet hope that we do not get in an accident because the balloon is blocking our vision while we drive. Really you must be thinking man she feels passionate about this and all I can say is:

  • Trip to Albertsons to get some groceries $50.00

  • Bagger lady thinking it would be a great idea to give my child a gigantic balloon in espanol for free without asking me $0.00

  • My child getting in the car and smiling saying "I know you don't like balloons in your car mommy" $PRICELESS