Thursday, March 27, 2008


So I am sitting at home and it is another gray day with lots of rain. When all of a sudden these monstrous snowflakes start coming down! In true Seattle lite fashion we shrug and laugh and tell Nathan it won't stick so we are sorry but throwing on a snow suit doesn't look like it is in the cards for his future. Well we were wrong we woke up this morning and we have snow stickage! Nathan is outside in his snow suit having a blast and I am wishing that my cold was gone so I could join him. The weatherman which in Seattle is always less than accurate says snow today again and tomorrow. Global warming.......hmmmm well whatever it is I am looking forward to some sunshine however the snow brings such a bright glare it almost makes me feel like the sun is out. The cheap thrills we seek......maybe this will be the clincher for Sam to take me on a vacation to a warm destination!