Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nathaniel and swimming

So we started Nathan in swimming quite some time ago and I just thought I should post the pictures that I have of him passing P1 which was quite a challenge to say the very least. I believe he did P1 3 times until he finally passed. He started out being terrified of the water where this originates I am not sure but I am told that Sam was the same way as a child! After the second time of failing I decided that him and I should get in the water 3 days a week in addition to the 2 days a week that he was already committed to in swim class. I have taught at least 4 kids how to swim but Nathan was a challenge and I was more than happy to just throw some money at some over zealous instructor that was all too naive about what they were up against! By round three he was warmed up and ready for me to work some magic (laugh it up these are my bragging rights) In a week and a half he was a completely different kid and passed P1 with flying colors!

Below is a video I shot with my digital camera hence the quality but still such a great moment! This was the little boy that 14 days prior wasn't even willing to jump into the pool let alone swim by himself, WE ARE SO PROUD!