Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nathans allergies

This morning Nathan is doing something that I have told him again and again not to do.......(refer to body snatchers in previous blogs) I asked him why it was that he choose not to listen and make these decisions? Clear voiced he looked at me and said "Well mom I am pretty sure I keep on making these decisions in my head due to by bad allergries" I responded back confused asking him to repeat himself he said "Yeah mom I keep on making bad choices because of my allergries" At this point I just excuse myself from the room so that he can not see me laughing.

Later on in the evening he came to us with a joke and blamed his sense of humor on his funny allergies so I got it on tape for some proof when he is older!


Tori said...

oh my god he is so cute and I miass you guys and cant wait for you to live here Ya~!!!!!! I showed this to mom and she just loved it!
~ Tori~