Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So I have finally decided to try this blogging thing out! I have contemplated it for quite some time seeing as how I love to write and at the end of the day this could be a great creative outlet, as well as a place for me to archive some memories. It seems the busier life gets the less my brain seems to remember! Maybe my family and friends can actually keep up with our lives a little better since I am hardly winning a medal these days for keeping in contact with all of you! Even when I do have the energy to get on the phone I can rarely recount all of the latest happenings from the last time we spoke! I blame those holes in my brain on things like laundry dusting cleaning toilets dinner running after a 4 year old both mentally and literally! I could really continue with that one for awhile.....But in all reality life is great and we are truly blessed, I hope you enjoy all of the postings please be patient while I get a hang of it!


Anonymous said...

I love you and miss you hope to see you soon. Lisa, Adam and the boys