Sunday, May 3, 2009

Howling good character

At Nathans elementary school they give out awards at the end of the quarter there are only a couple awards given out to each grade........When Nathan came home to tell me that he was the one that was going to receive the Howling good character award he was beaming of pride and excitement! This award is for consistently demonstrating the 3 R's.

Respect for self
Respect for others
Respect for Environment

They hosted a big assembly for the whole school and for parents. They made a big deal out of each award given and the kids got to individually run down this big line of applause and standing ovations! At the end of the praised run they were presented with their award as well as a prize bag full of goodies!


Ari Anna Johnson said...

Congrats to him! What a super neat award to get! He seems like such a good kid. Good job! Sorry, I have not yet emailed you back but I WILL. I am glad we are still friends.