Sunday, May 3, 2009

An almost surprise visit.........

I was talking on the phone to one of my best friends Cassie more like I was whimpering about my struggle with being homesick.....I gather she had enough torture and I ruined the grand plan as she said to me "well I can tell your really down so I will just tell you that Lily and I will be there next week!" I was in shock and amazement I started crying like a baby and was so overwhelmed with joy! I was also overwhelmed with the idea that this could be going a very different way.......she planned on just showing up at my door kid in tow and she had already let Sam in on the scheme! Now there gets to be an age where surprises like that are best left as almost surprises! I was so excited to see her and was happy that I was already in the middle of spring cleaning so there wasn't too much more that needed to be done to prepare!

Lily is Cassie's new addition to the Blakey family and she is precious she was 7 months when they came to visit and it was the first time I got to meet her! I fell in love! She has the most amazing personality and spirit! Cass and Lily stayed Wed through Sunday and they left way too early Monday morning! During the time the weather left something to be desired......but I still had a blast! I got to kick back with a very dear friend and catch up and watch some Oprah and some chick flicks and I got to admire what an amazing loving patient mother she is. I have always thought that she was an amazing mother but I have never spent so many consecutive days with her since we became mommies and wives! It was such a blessing having their company in our home. I loved being able to share my Colorado experience with someone from back home.

This is when we were in a little town called Manitou Springs. We found this cute boutique called Saffron and Cass found Lily these little furry boots that were so cute and unique! Miss Lily looks very happy about the find!

Sam carrying Lily through Manitou Springs. It had just started snowing but she is such a trooper! She couldn't have cared less!

Lily having some "tummy time"

Nathan and Lily as we waited for our lunch at little place in Manitou Springs.

Cassie and Lily at Garden of the Gods.

It was very hard the morning that they left....Lily was still asleep so I didn't really get to say goodbye to her and of course I cried as they drove away but yet I felt so special that they came just to see me! I am so lucky to have such an amazing friend like Cassie! I cant wait till I get to see her and her whole family again!