Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nathan the little actor

Well if you know Nathan you know that he always LOVES to be the center of attention...well in first grade he had a great outlet... he was a part of the drama program and was able to play some pretty cool parts a child a king and a lion he would practice all of his lines for weeks and he was always great at the productions and he would speak so clearly!!!



Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where has all the time gone!!!

I have plenty of things that have happened in the last year and some change just literally not a whole lot of time to sit down and blog about it!!! I cant even believe that it has been that long since I have blogged I am very bad at this whole thing apparently!

Since I last blogged Nathan has finished the first grade had a fun summer with his Aunty Tori being our godsend and our nanny and Sam has changed jobs and is now able to have dinner with us as a family! We have moved and I now have a full time job. LIFE IS BUSY!!! I dont know how I ever did the whole work full time and raise Nathan when he was 2, 3,4 I guess until I was a stay at home mom I never realized all that can be done and then when I went back to work I still wanted to make all those things still happen woawoawoa!!! I am learning that you do what you can do with the time that you have and try to enjoy yourself along the way!!! Here are a few pics to highlight some fun stuff (o:


           NATHAN & SAM FOR HALLOWEEN 2009 & 2010
                                          4TH OF JULY 2010

                                           Rattle Snake Lake HIKING FUN

Yes Nathan went to 2nd grade (;

I know it has been forever I am a slacker!!! Here is the proof Nathan did in fact start the second grade...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of first grade!

This week Nathan started his first day of first grade! I really can't believe that he is in school full time now! I had a moment of panic the day before school...... wondering if he was ready for this! Did I prepare him enough would he be able to go through all of the motions! What if he didn't have any friends to sit by at lunch.....and it went on and on! Sam of course reassured me that he would be fine and Nathan making friends is the very last thing that I should ever worry about! Once I calmed down and started acting rational I realized that Sam was right and I have prepared him as much as I could. I got up early that morning and made Nathan his favorite.....pancakes and eggs and strawberries. He ate but not that well cause his tummy hurt he had a ball of nerves! Sam and I got him ready and drove him to school he was so excited! It was so nice having Sam there with us and being able to share the experience together! We reminisced allot about how big he has gotten and remembered little things from when he was a little one! When we went to get him at the bus stop at the end of the day we got a surprise call from the school principle that Nathans bus was really full and she picked a couple kids and drove them home personally I was a little taken back at first but the principle arrived right behind the school bus Nathan in tow with all the proper safety gear and was as nice as could be! So Nathan had quite the experience all in all!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

3 Year wedding anniversary

Today is my 3 year wedding anniversary with the love of my life!

As I woke up today knowing that my husband was going to be hard at work and I probably wouldn't see too much of him today I wasn't sad cause I know that I am going to be with him forever! He is my best friend and the one that owns my whole heart. He is the person that taught me what love feels like and what it is supposed to look like. I feel safe with him and I know he will always protect me and take care of our family....he is an amazing man!

I thank god all the time for giving me this wonderful husband, family.

This is the weekend we got engaged! We were in Portland. This was a great weekend!

Engagement portraits

August 6th 2006 One of the best days of my life

The day that I also became a Mimi just a mommy! Nathan still to this day refers to the wedding day as the day mommy married us! I am so blessed!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Mount SI

As a family outing we invited Sam's brother and 2 of his sisters out along with my sis to hike little Si. It was about 85 degrees that day which is way to hot for a hike! We had allot of fun although we didn't finish as a group since some of us were way faster than others (; The view was spectacular and no small reward.

oldies but goodies

One of my very best friends Jamie was in visiting the states. She lives in Switzerland and has not been back to visit since I was married in 2006. We were able to get together a couple of times while she was here....I don't know why we didn't get a bunch of pictures together I guess we were having to much fun catching up! I took my little sis and my son over to her moms house on Lake Morton and we had a lazy day at the lake and we also got together wit another of my very best friends Cassie. We had a nice lunch together and even better conversation! I am so glad to be back in Washington but I really wish everyone that I loved lived close.

Good friendships are so hard to find and I feel so blessed that I have such strong friendships that have persevered so many years!