Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of first grade!

This week Nathan started his first day of first grade! I really can't believe that he is in school full time now! I had a moment of panic the day before school...... wondering if he was ready for this! Did I prepare him enough would he be able to go through all of the motions! What if he didn't have any friends to sit by at lunch.....and it went on and on! Sam of course reassured me that he would be fine and Nathan making friends is the very last thing that I should ever worry about! Once I calmed down and started acting rational I realized that Sam was right and I have prepared him as much as I could. I got up early that morning and made Nathan his favorite.....pancakes and eggs and strawberries. He ate but not that well cause his tummy hurt he had a ball of nerves! Sam and I got him ready and drove him to school he was so excited! It was so nice having Sam there with us and being able to share the experience together! We reminisced allot about how big he has gotten and remembered little things from when he was a little one! When we went to get him at the bus stop at the end of the day we got a surprise call from the school principle that Nathans bus was really full and she picked a couple kids and drove them home personally I was a little taken back at first but the principle arrived right behind the school bus Nathan in tow with all the proper safety gear and was as nice as could be! So Nathan had quite the experience all in all!