Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I win I win I win!!!!!

OK So let me preface by saying I am usually a good sport when it comes to winning and to loosing!

I have been working out allot trying to get back in to good shape and training to do a team triathlon. Now Nathan is a super fast runner we call him flash like the little boy on the incredibles........Well on a Saturday afternoon we all went to the park to fly Nathans remote control glider while we waited for it to be ready to fly Nathan challenged me to a race........of course he was sure he was going to slaughter me! SO I took the challenge not sure that he was wrong! I BEAT HIM!!!! Now not by much but I was sooo happy and I groveled like a child! I even took pictures of him falling to the ground in exhaustion and disbelief while I was ready for another race!

After the novelty wore off I realized that I was happy to beat a 5 year old and felt kind of silly! But hey lets face it he is really fast and in tip top shape! Really in the end after my manners kicked back in I realized it was just nice to be able to keep up with my son and play at his activity level!